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Andrea is currently studying Architecture at Iowa State University. In her moving essay, Andrea wrote about the struggle of living in a mixed status family, and living with the very real threat of her family’s deportation. This sort of trauma is common in immigrant families. Andrea used this as her drive to succeed, rather than letting it consume her. In her own words, “I am not my legal status”.

Another difficulty Andrea had to overcome was the unstable financial situation that many mixed status immigrant families are familiar with. Andrea and her siblings took on multiple jobs to help out at home, as well as to save money for college. What she learned from it all was that “the way you react after facing adversity is what makes or breaks you”. Such profound words for such a young woman. 

As a future architect, Andrea wants to do more than to build houses or buildings, she wants to serve, give back, and be a role model for other immigrants, letting them know “Que sí se puede!” Based on this and the remarkable words in her letter of recommendation, we know that your family must be overwhelmingly proud of you, and both all that you’ve done and all that you have yet to do. We at DREAM Iowa are honored to grant you this scholarship, and we look forward to continuing to witness your journey!

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