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Ames Sanctuary Partners (ASIP) is an organization which supports our immigrants and the positive values and cultures that they bring to our communities. They are committed to keep all information provided in this application confidential. This fund is for DACA recipients in Iowa who need help paying their DACA renewal fee. To be eligible for money from this fund, you must live, work, or go to school in Iowa, and you must need financial help.  If approved for a grant, you will receive a check for $495 written out to the Department of Homeland Security.

They will contact you by phone or email if they need more information or to let you know the status of your application, so make sure you phone number and email address are correct on your application.

** Note:  At this time, the Department of Homeland Security is not accepting NEW DACA applications. However, ASIP is maintaining a waiting list of those interested in submitting a new DACA application, and will reconnect with those on the list if the situation changes at the federal level. If you would like to be on their list, please send an email to: debra_meyers@hotmail.com

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