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Daniela is currently studying Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering at Iowa State University. In her essay, Daniela wrote about the hardships she shares with many first and second-generation immigrants like financial hardships, language barriers, and immigration status issues. Daniela shared that it was difficult watching her parents work so hard, and not having a role model teach her the importance of education early on, something she learned and picked up on throughout the years. 

Daniela and her family experienced a difficult financial hardship in which she chose to take on many hours so she could help her family through it. Despite this, Daniela stayed involved in Al Éxito, LULAC, and other extracurriculars, which she credits for showing her the importance of education. With her Education, Daniela hopes to give back to her community in similar ways that she was helped. 

Based on this and the high praise she received in her letter of recommendation, we know that her family must be so very proud of her accomplishments. Daniela, we at DREAM Iowa are honored to grant you this scholarship, and we look forward to watching you continue to shine and glow!

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