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COVID-19 brought a pandemic that affected us globally. However, in the United States people of color have endured evident disparities in casualties and cases. According to the immunologist who leads the COVID-19 response in the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci says that “the undeniable effects of racism” have led to unacceptable health disparities that especially hurt African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans during the pandemic.

During a speech he was giving to graduates in Atlanta he highlighted the magnitude of this pandemic which was similar to the pandemic of 1918. He goes on and tells these graduates that he hopes that in the future they will be a part of the solution to these problems that keep affecting minority groups.

He mentions that “Almost all relate to the social determinants of health dating back to disadvantageous conditions that some people of color find themselves in from birth regarding the availability of an adequate diet, access to health care and the undeniable effects of racism in our society”

People of color perform essential jobs and they are often more exposed to coronavirus, which has resulted in evident differences in cases, which needs to be a focus now that we are coming back to normality. To find ways of helping them recover equally.

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Fauci says pandemic exposed ‘undeniable effects of racism’

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