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Latinos College Access Network’s is a guide to Iowa’s educational system for Latino students and families. Latinos CAN is a statewide initiative that strives to eliminate the educational attainment gap for Latino students in Iowa. They work in partnership with various statewide agencies and organizations to create systems change that will aid Latino students in earning a post-secondary education and will provide resources, education, support to educators, service providers, institutions, potential employers, and all stake holders to serve, reach and retain Latino students in Iowa. Latinos CAN is funded in part by Iowa College Aid’s LCAN grant series.

We believe that this is a great resource for Latinos to help them travel through their post-secondary education process. The purpose of this guide is to be a general guide for parents and families who are new to Iowa or the United States. They will help you understand various topics which include:

  • The structure of the educational system in Iowa
  • Laws relating to each topic
  • Expectations and responsibilities of families
  • The responsibilities of schools
  • Family and student rights
  • Helpful tips and resources for families

Latinos CAN guide to Iowa’s educational system for Latino students and families

More information about the Office of Latino Affairs in Iowa | Department of Human Rights

Location: Lucas State Office Building 321 E 12th St, Des Moines, IA, 50319

Phone number: (515) 281 4080

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