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Leslie is currently studying Accounting at DMACC, which is a partnering school that will MATCH recipients’ scholarships, so Leslie will receive a total of $1000 towards her education. In her heartfelt essay, Leslie wrote about her struggle with her mental health, a struggle many in the immigrant community face, however few have the tools, resources, and strength to talk about. We applaud Leslie for reaching out for help and putting in the work to turn things around. 

Leslie described her journey to catch back up in school, joining other students (some of which also received scholarships from us) in forming “Las Busca Metas” at her local high school, in order to create a pathway to success for undocumented and DACAmented students like herself. Leslie shared in her essay that she has a desire to “spread awareness for undocumented and first generation students.” All of this is in order to “provide support for those that feel how I once felt; Uninformed, lost, and hopeless.” 

We are so proud of Leslie, the journey she has been on, and the path she is taking. We know that your family must be so very proud of you, all you’ve accomplished so far, and all you have planned for your future.. We at DREAM Iowa are honored to grant you this scholarship, and we look forward to continuing to watch you walk in your light, and firmly believe que “Si se puede!”

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