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The Latina Leadership Initiative curriculum promotes heightened awareness of social responsibility and attention to the needs of the local Latino/a/x community, and is based on the principle that development of young Latina leaders enhances our entire community. What makes this program successful is the dedicated mentors that create an all-encompassing experience that allows participants to see exactly how each topic affects them, and how their talents can, in turn, affect change in those areas. Below are some things we focus on throughout the mentoring experience.

LLI is seeking mentors! They are looking for supportive and committed mentors to work one-on-one with LLI’s 2022 participants.

Qualifications to be considered:

  • Desire to work as a mentor with women
  • Able to facilitate discussion on career and short-term/long-term goals
  • Commitment to a 1-year term minimum
  • Meet once a month with mentee

For more information head to the following link: Become a Mentor

LLI is also offering their 2022 Leadership Program which is a five month training program where participants focus on personal and professional growth through. This program offers Financial Aid!

  • Developing and refining leadership skills
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Engaging with community leaders
  • Collaborating with local organizations on community Service Project
  • Building long-lasting relationships with peers and mentors

Term: January 29th, 2022 – March 28th, 2022

Apply through the following link: 2022 Leadership Program

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