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Stephany is currently studying Elementary Education with a Minor in TESOL at the University of Northern Iowa. In her moving essay, Stephany wrote about the struggle of starting school in Iowa without knowing any English. This was a recurring theme in many of the essays we received, however Stephany took this adversity and has used it as a driving force for change. 

She wants to become a teacher so that “kids can walk into a classroom and be able to see a familiar face.” This is important to her because she is “an immigrant, and growing up, there weren’t many teachers that resembled me… I want little kids to be able to connect to me and know that I’ve been in their shoes before”. 

Based on the essays we receive every year, we can say this would aid so many immigrant youth tremendously, and we are so happy Stephany has found a driving force behind getting her education. Based on this and the outstanding work mentioned in her letters of recommendation, we know that your family must be so very proud of you and your future plans. We at DREAM Iowa are honored to grant you this scholarship, and we look forward to watching the impact you make on future generations!

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